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Peatear Griffin's 3rd Season Family Guy Sounds

SPECIAL!!! My bad impersonation of tempermental British Metal Shop teacher Mr. Ferdinand! (299k)

SPECIAL!!! More bad impressionism from the master of mad, Mr. Ferdinand (599k)

Welcome to Peatear Griffin's 3rd Season Family Guy sounds!

Episode 301- The Thin White Line

blindwitch.wav(164kb)- Brian is a guide dog explaining the "Blair Witch Project" to a blind man.

clubmed.wav(66kb)-The other dog the Griffin bought (Cheez Doodles?) works at a Club Med.

costofcoke.wav(96kb)-Lois correctly calculates how much money the cocaine was worth, surprising Brian.

daughter.wav(43kb)-With time to kill, Brian comments on the new receptionist. It's the therapist's daughter.

deafguy.wav(113kb)-Peter's favorite.. "Catch the greased-up deaf guy"!

fatigue.wav(67kb)-Because of two deaths related to fatigue, Mr. Weed throws a picnic.

followyournose.wav(170kb)-Brian is auditioning for a "Froot Loops" spot against the toucan, and tries to ridicule him.

genericomp.wav(38kb)-Brian recieves compliments at the precinct.

heyderek.wav(90kb)-Peter entices Derek to ride in a pickup with a gay co-worker to the picnic.

heymeg18.wav(44kb)-Quagmire asks Meg if she's 18, but ignores Chris.

leifgarrett.wav(207kb)-Behind the Music of Leif Garrett, which Brian has watched 18 times and knows word for word.

moreinteresting.wav(88kb)-Meg starts her intervention speech to Brian but is interrupted by the therapist who wants someone more interesting.

navysong.wav(321kb)-Stewie dreams of homosexual seafaring life, with this hilarious ditty.

newtheme.wav(234kb)-The modified opening theme song, with a clearer "Laugh and Cry".

nowonderdrugs.wav(69kb)-Hey, rehab looks so great, it's no wonder people do drugs!

peateargriffin.wav(165kb)-Peter needs to think of a fake name. Hmm? A pea, tear, and a griffin.

peterasguard.wav(249kb)-Peter was bored as a security guard for George Harrison, watching reruns of "Charles in Charge".

peterstie.wav(293kb)-Peter compares Brian to Paul Schaffer, with Peter as Letterman. Brian sings about Peter's tie.

petertranquilized.wav(228kb)-Peter and a co-worker are the last men standing to win a week's vacation at a picnic. Peter has taken quite a few darts to the back, while the other guy hasn't.

purgatory.wav(99kb)-The family trip to Purgatory was OK, at best.

putdownfork.wav(15kb)-A diet tip from Brian.

quaginmanila.wav(180kb)-Brian reveals the truth about Quagmire's trip to Manila.

ricky.wav(27kb)-Brian asks a "Sunday Schoolchild" his name.

snausage.wav(72kb)-Peter's joke he stayed up until 2-2:30 for.

stewiecurses.wav(131kb)-Stewie makes two attempts to say "a funny", with no response. He angrily swears to the family.

welshman.wav(41kb)-Stewie's first attempt at a "funny", with no response.

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